DORA and How CockroachDB Can Help

DORA and How CockroachDB Can Help

Data security and privacy are becoming more and more crucial, with numerous governments and regulatory organisations enacting laws and regulations to ensure that businesses protect the sensitive data of their customers. To secure the data of their clients, businesses must abide by laws like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the EU and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

The DORA regulation (Digital Operational Resilience Act), aound Data Ownership, Responsibility and Accountability, is a new data protection regulation that is expected to come into effect in the United States in the near future. DORA is designed to provide a comprehensive framework for managing data, ensuring that companies are responsible for the data they collect, and that individuals have the right to control their data.

CockroachDB, a distributed SQL database that is intended to be resilient, scalable, and highly available, is one technology that can assist businesses in adhering to the DORA rules. CockroachDB can assist with the DORA regulation in the following ways:

Data Availability and Resilience
The DORA rule mandates that businesses guarantee the availability and resilience of their data, and CockroachDB was created with these objectives in mind. A distributed database called CockroachDB is made to offer automatic failover and recovery in the event of a malfunction. This guarantees that data is always accessible, regardless of hardware malfunction or other disruption.

Encryption of Data
Companies must make sure that their data is encrypted both in transit and at rest under the DORA law. To secure data from unauthorised access, CockroachDB offers AES-256 encryption at rest. In order to safeguard data while it is being transported over the network, CockroachDB additionally supports SSL/TLS encryption.

Deployment to Multiple Regions
Companies are required by the DORA rule to make sure that their data is accessible in several locations in order to guarantee high availability and to adhere to local laws. With CockroachDB's multi-region deployment capability, deploying a database across various data centres or cloud regions is simple.

Disaster Recovery
In order to guarantee that data can be restored in the case of a catastrophic loss, firms are required by the DORA law to have a disaster recovery strategy in place. The point-in-time recovery feature and incremental backup capabilities of CockroachDB make it simple to recover data in the event of a disaster. This coupled with the high availability features makes COckroachDB one of the most resiliant databases on the market

Ownership of Data
Companies are required by the DORA regulation to make sure that people own their data and have the authority to govern it. Companies can manage who has access to their data and how it is used thanks to CockroachDB's robust data access management mechanism including RBAC.

To sum up, CockroachDB is a versatile tool that can assist businesses in adhering to the DORA regulations. With an emphasis on data ownership, security, availability, and resilience, CockroachDB is ideally suited to assist businesses in managing their data and adhering to data protection laws. Companies can make sure their data is secure and that they adhere to the most recent regulations by using CockroachDB.