Demo of CockroachDB horizontal scaling capabilities

One of CockroachDB's capabilities, which makes it great fit for large scale projects, is its horizontal scaleability. In contrast to legacy architectures, which are typical active/passive in nature, CockroachDB provides a multi-active architecture in wich all the nodes of a cluster are able to read/write to the dataset. This architecture enables its users to start small and scale out as their application has to handle more and more workload over time, and helps to maintain a great user experience. One of the keys to unlock this horizontal scalability, is the fact that CockroachDB can scale read and write transactions, while maintaining its ACID guarantees. So, from an application standpoint you don't have to put your data in jeopardy for the sake of maintaining/improving performance. And the best part being that scaling out is completely transparent and doesn't require any downtime, nor does it require any manual sharding or application side routing logic, its all done transparently under the covers for you. In this demo I'll walk you through a generic example, how scaling with CockroachDB works.